Arturo Hernandez

Artistic Intern for Givens Swims

“From Hands Full of Cash Car Club members to the folks that were around when the pool opened—I love how the community is so powerful and eager to come together. It’s amazing to witness.”


Arturo Hernandez is a singer and actor from Austin, Texas. He grew up in the neighborhood around Givens and is currently a Senior in the Cap21 Theater Arts program at Molloy College, working toward a BFA in Musical Theater. As an Artistic Intern with Forklift for Givens Swims, he was excited to be working with the community he grew up in.

Fun fact: Arturo is part of the Forklift Alumni family — his great uncle, Pete Rivera, was one of the featured community members in Forklift’s The Trees of Govalle (2015), and his great aunt and uncle Jane & Gilbert Rivera helped make Forklift’s Play Ball Downs Field and are on our Citizens Advisory Committee for My Park, My Pool, My City.